Charles Austen Pumps patented rotary diaphragm pump, coupled with a DC Motor, is now being used to pump juice concentrate (syrup) from bag in box and deliver to a dispense font.  The syrup is mixed with cold water drawn from a mains supply and dispensed as a post-mix fruit drink. The number of flavours offered by the drinks dispenser determines the number of pumps used.

Different flavours require different mix ratios, so the RD5 pump technology combined with DC drive allows the flow rate of the juice concentrate to be easily controlled by varying the DC input voltage.

The manufacturer of the juice dispenser chose the Charles Austen Pumps RD5 for their reliability and superiority over other pump technologies such as peristaltic, air driven, and standard diaphragm due to their ability to draw the more viscous concentrates over longer distances. The RD5 has excellent self priming capabilities and an ability to move cold or hot liquids of varying viscosities which have made it suitable for this type of application.

The RD5 with DC motor pump has only two wetted parts; santoprene and polypropylene, both of which can be supplied in food grade. Therefore, the pump is also suitable for moving hot liquids which has led to its use in workplace brewers for hot and cold drinks dispense applications.

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd has been developing pumps for over 60 years and specialise in adapting their current range or developing unique pumps to customer specification.  They engineer a solution that provides the required performance along with the correct size parameters to fit client installations.

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