Linear-Diaphragm-Logo.pngLinear Diaphragm

The simple yet efficient pumping principle uses a magnetically operated diaphragm. This action flexes a diaphragm at one or both ends of the connecting rod within a totally sealed pumping chamber. This eliminates sliding parts keeping wear, tear and power consumption to a minimum.




flow cfm

max pressure


    12V DC 24V DC 110V AC 230V AC  Linear Diaphragm Air Gas Table.png bar  psi   
LD15.png  LD10


  •     Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD10.png 0.25 4.0 pdf-icon.png
LD15.png  LD15     •     Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD15.png 0.30 4.0 pdf-icon.png
LD15.png  LD30     •     Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD30.png 0.30 4.0 pdf-icon.png 
LD20DE.png  LD20 DE        Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD20 DE.png 0.20 3.0 pdf-icon.png 
LD25DE.png  LD25 DE        Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD25 DE.png 0.25 4.0 pdf-icon.png 
LD50De.png  LD50 DE        Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD50 DE.png 0.30 4.0 pdf-icon.png 
LD60DE.png  LD60 DE        Linear Diaphragm Air Gas LD60 DE.png 0.30 4.0 pdf-icon.png