Diaphragm-Logo.pngMiniature Diaphragm

Miniature Diaphragm pumps provide a clean oil free vacuum and pressure source, designed for portable installations where compact size and low power consumption is required.




Flow cfm

Max Pressure


    3V 6V 12V 24V  Minature Diaphragm Air Gas Table.png bar  psi   
MD_1_1.png MD 1.1 •        Minature Diaphragm Air Gas MD1.1.png  0.63 9.12 pdf-icon.png
MD_1_2.png  MD 1.2        Minature Diaphragm Air Gas MD1.2.png 0.68 9.86 pdf-icon.png
MD_2_1.png  MD 2.1  •     •   Minature Diaphragm Air Gas MD2.1.png 1.05 15.23 pdf-icon.png