Diaphragm-Logo.pngliquid Diaphragm pumps

The liquid diaphragm pump provides a pumping chamber which is totally sealed, therefore, does not require a sliding seal between moving parts. Vacuum and pressure are produced by the flexing of the diaphragm back and forth in the chamber. The reciprocating action is created by an eccentric driven connecting rod under the diaphragm.




Flow g/min

Max Pressure


    12V DC 24V DC 110V AC 230V AC Diaphragm - Liquid Table.png bar  psi   
DL04.png  DL04


•      Diaphragm - Liquid DL04.png  1.8 26.0 pdf-icon.png
 Dl2 AC.png DL2 AC       •  Diaphragm - Liquid DL2 AC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png
  DL2 DC •  •      Diaphragm - Liquid DL2 DC.png  1.0 14.0 pdf-icon.png