Rotary-Diaphragm-Logo-2.pngRotary Diaphragm Pumps

Rotary diaphragm pumps use the patented technology. The flow of liquid is initiated by an eccentrically mounted bearing on a drive shaft revolved within a flexible diaphragm. As the shaft rotates, the bearing flexes the diaphragm, squeezing liquid through the pump. These pumps have outstanding self-priming characteristics and are of a valve-less, seal-less design.




Flow g/min

Max Pressure


    12V DC 24V DC 110V AC 230V AC RD Series Liquid Table.png bar  psi   
 RD01.png RD01     •  •  RD Series Liquid RD01.png  0.7 10.0 pdf-icon.png
 RD1.png RD1  •  •      RD Series Liquid RD1.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png
 RD2.png RD2 AC     •  •  RD Series Liquid RD2 AC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png 
RD2.png  RD2 DC •  •      RD Series Liquid RD2 DC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png


    •  •  RD Series Liquid RD3 AC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png


 • •      RD Series Liquid RD3 DC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png
RD5AC.png  RD5 AC     •  •  RD Series Liquid RD5 AC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png 
 RD5DC.png RD5 DC •  •      RD Series Liquid RD5 DC.png  2.0


  RD5 DE AC       •  RD Series Liquid RD5 DE AC.png  2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png
  RD5 DE DC •  •       RD Series Liquid RD5 DE DC.png 2.0 29.0 pdf-icon.png